Delivery to Schweden

GAMMA EB-S for AB Landskrona Rostfira

AB Landskrona Rostfria from Landskrona, Sweden sets high quality standard with the installation of a new welded seam grinding machine type GAMMA EB-S from IMM.

AB Landskrona Rostfira is a synonym for the highest quality stainless steel kitchen products throughout Scandinavia and beyond. The company is run in the third generation already by the grand-son of the founder and generated an impressive sustainable growth in recent years.

Many projects feature exclusive special design kitchen sinks and stainless steel surfaces for sophisticated customers. Following the welding of the bowl into the sink surface there used to be a manual process to grind and polish the welded seam. The company proprietor, Robert Larsson, was very pleased to add the GAMMA EB-S from IMM to his production.

“We supply to private as well as commercial customers with the highest expectation in quality. Our products are definitely no mass products and with each project we only have one chance to leave an impression. This first and only impression must always be perfect. The GAMMA EB-S from IMM enables us to produce the highest possible consistent, repeatable quality when grinding welded seams”,

Robert Larsson is pleased to report.