Manual abrasive belt grinding machines

Manual abrasive belt grinding machines, belt sanding machines, belt grinders, belt sanders, backstand grinders, polishing lathes, multi speed grinders, combination sanders as well as flat belt grinding machines for various applications and materials. All designed and made at our facility in Riederich, Germany. Our machines are made for continuous industrial operation. The heavy, rigid and robust design of our machines allows a low-vibration processing, for example:

  • Belt grinding and belt sanding of metal 
  • Belt grinding and belt sanding of non-ferrous metal
  • Belt grinding and belt sanding of aluminium
  • Grinding of fittings
  • Belt grinding of surgical instruments
  • Belt grinding and belt sanding of medical implants, such as knee and hip Joints
  • Polishing of aluminum trim rails and roof rails
  • Belt grinding and polishing of sanitary Fittings
  • Deburring/sanding and brushing of cast and forged components
  • Belt grinding of turbine blades
  • Deburring of various work pieces

The machine range of MAFAC, METBAO and IBS belt grinding and polishing machines is being continued and advanced by us.

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DS 7722

Combined belt grinding and polishing machine. Combination sander.
The Ds 7722 backstand grinder series covers the requirements for light duty belt finishing and deburring applications. Available as work bench sander and polisher and with forward and reverse polishing direction as well as with frequency converter.


Belt grinding and polishing machine.
Versatile belt sanding machine with 3 roller system. For belts up to 100 mm x 3,500/4,000 mm. Optional heights for sitting or standing operation.


Belt grinding and polishing machine. Combination sander.
The 72730 series belt grinding machine covers the requirements for medium duty finishing and deburring applications from 2.2 upt to 5.5 kW powered by a single motor driving a double ended spindle.


Belt grinding and polishing backstand. Combination sander.
The 72780 series belt grinding machines are double-ended twin motor machines for continuous heavy duty applications. The machine is fitted with motors on both sides, each motor 3.0 to 7.5 kW driving it’s own independent side.


Belt grinding and polishing machine.
The 72711 belt grinding and polishing machine offers all the benefits of the Series 72780 for the same continuous heavy duty applications but in a single-ended version. The machine can be fitted with motors from 3.0 to 7.5 kW.


Manual turbine blade grinding machine.
The 72713 is a purpose designed belt sanding backstand machine for the manual grinding and surface finishing of precision components such as turbine blades and surgical implants. It is compact (small footprint), it is powerful and it is engineered to minimize vibration.

Work station for blades for manual polishing process.

For processing turbine blades: max. D = 400 mm, L = 1.400 mm


The K 100 flat belt grinding machine offers the most flexible option for grinding, polishing, deburring, chamfering, edge breaking of most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics and ceramics. The ultimate compact heavy duty universal flat belt platen grinding machine.


Flat platen belt grinding machine.
The B200/150S statisfies the requirements for continuous heavy duty operations in a multi-shift production environment.

C100, C200/150S, C300 S

The C-series flat platen belt grinders are multi-purpose belt grinding machines designed for heavy-duty belt grinding purposes and of rigid design. Available with optional machine stand and traversable. Therefore these flat belt grinding machines can be used for horizontal and vertical belt grinding.


Stationary dust extractors/collector.
OM series stationary small dust extractors offer many uses with machines that produce dust.


Mobile dust extractors/collector.
The dust is usually captured right at the processing machine and routed to the filter unit through a connection piece.