We offer machine solutions for belt grinding, belt sanding, polishing, buffing and deburring of the following work pieces:

  • Compressor blades for gas turbines
  • Turbine blades for steam turbines
  • Large crank shafts for gas and diesel engines
  • Rotors for the oil and drill industry
  • Extrusion and eccentric screws
  • Drill motors

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Our dedicated polishing machine tools feature an auto-adaptive technology for polishing, linishing and grinding the most complex work piece geometries and shapes.

Our 6 CNC axis MTS and SPE machine tool series are standard high precision machine tools which provide a robust platform with the blades located within a fixed coordinate system, therefore providing a consistent position of the tool relative to the component. Without the need of any in process calibration or referencing, our MTS and SPE machines are known for their outstanding repeatability and reproducibility.

The SPE and MTS machine tools are used throughout the world for belt grinding, linishing, deburring and polishing of steam turbine blades, buckets, gas turbine blades, compressor blades, coated blades and vanes.

Our SPE can also be configured with tool units for belt polishing, brushing untits and high speed spindles for deburring operations and processes.

The KWS provides a robust solution for belt polishing and superfinishing of large crank shafts, rotors for the oil and drill industry and extrusion and eccentric screws.

A powerful CAD/CAM software allows for fast and efficient generation of NC programs for any work piece geometry.


  • Turbine blade grinding and polishing machine - horizontal
  • 6 interpolating axis
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  • Turbine blade grinding and polishing machine - vertical
  • 6 interpolating axis
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  • CNC Crank Shaft Grinding Machine
  • 11 interpolating CNC axis
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Manual machines

  • Belt grinding and polishing machines
  • various applications
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